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Raymond Cheng

Raymond Cheng

CEO & Managing Partner

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

An ISMS is an organization’s framework for managing and securing sensitive information. It proactively minimizes data breach risks and ensures business continuity. It addresses employee behavior, data handling, and technology safeguards. It can be targeted or comprehensive, becoming embedded in the organization’s security culture.

Service Organization Controls (SOC)

SOC audits, also known as System and Organization Controls audits, are a series of independent assessments designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a service organization’s controls. These controls can be at the system level (focusing on IT infrastructure) or the entity level (looking at overall organizational processes).

By undergoing a SOC audit, a service organization demonstrates its commitment to data security, compliance, and risk management. This can be crucial for building trust with potential clients, especially those in highly regulated industries.

Trust Services Criteria (TSC)

SOC 2 compliance is assessed based on a set of criteria known as the Trust Services Criteria. Among these, Security is the only mandatory category for an audit. As a result, some startups might opt to begin their SOC 2 journey by focusing solely on a Security evaluation.

Complementary User Entity Controls (CUEC)

In the world of Software as a Service (SaaS) and other service offerings, there are certain actions your customers can take to ensure they get the most out of your product. These actions are called complementary user entity controls, or CUECs. They are documented in the System Description section of a SOC 2 report, which outlines your security controls.

It’s important to distinguish CUECs from complementary subservice organization controls. CUECs focus on what your customers do, while subservice controls address the actions of third-party vendors you rely on. We’ll cover subservice controls in more detail later.

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